Gordon Carling Foundation



2016 sees an exciting year for the Gordon Carling Foundation - we are purchasing two properties.  One is an existing residence formerly leased.  That is in Waverley Road and is occupied by three residents.  The other is a new property that is being acquired to replace a leased property.  The property in Saffron Park will be the new home to two residents.

2015 was a year that saw adaptations to our property in South Brent turn into a major scheme when a leaking waste pipe was found to have damaged the flooring.  Insurance claims amounted to over £20,000 and the final cost of adaptations and repairs to the structure was over £90,000.

In 2013 GCF bought a new property (Hillside Drive, Kingsbridge).  This was adapted to accommodate two residents who already live in Kingsbridge.

Solar Panels were installed at some properties in 2012.
These are installed at Carling Court.



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